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This Website has been compiled as a tool for the study of galaxy correlations.  It is a companion Website to that dedicated to gravitational lensing. It is designed for both newbies who would like to learn more about galaxy correlations as well as professionals who wish to share resources.  This site focusses on the following cosmological probes:


  • Galaxy Auto-Correlations: The galaxies are not evenly distributed in the sky and measuring fluctuations in the galaxy field is useful tool for understanding cosmology.  These include intrinsic fluctuations in the galaxy distribution, which result from primordial fluctuations in the dark matter density field, and their evolution.  These include many features and can be measured using different observables - depending on which observable is used, the correlation is often referred to as 'galaxy power spectrum' or 'galaxy correlation function'.


  • Cosmic Magnification: is also referred to as magnification bias.  It is a lensing effect which can make galaxy populations at different redshifts appear correlated, even though they are intrinsically uncorrelated. 





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